It's time to tell your story, with a dramatically different approach.

I have a passion for all things dramatic & story driven. I enjoy writing, working on scripts and developing characters for my stories. So when it came to my photography path, it didn’t take long to discover my niche - Dramatic Portraiture.


I love combining images with unique editing styles and effects. It's one thing to work art through the session experience but it doesn't end there. For me, the joy of the art comes from editing the post session imagery. Each image is unique, and I want them to look as such, which means I do not batch edit, I work each image individually. My style consists of a heavy editing approach, with a fair amount of retouch and photoshop effects (depending on the session type).

I'll spend many hours editing an idea or concept into an image. Because of this approach, I only produce a small quantity of images per session. Art takes time. It's not something you mass produce. Creating, working with individuals, and seeing them come alive through the lens is why I’m here! I'm not interested in just taking pictures. There are plenty of photographers out there for that. I want to convey a feeling or emotion with a dramatic mood, a sense of fashion, or an escape from reality with a story or character.


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PickleBro Portraits – telling stories through a lens